Realtors Adapt to Covid-19

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Real Estate

Real estate is one industry that is key to keeping the economy moving. Thankfully, some sellers are still selling and some buyers are still buying. That being said, as a realtor I and many of my associates conduct business dramatically different than before the corona virus invaded our lives.

When showing a home, rather than removing shoes at the door we put on disposable shoe protectors that are tossed after the showing. Instead of turning on lights, often the sellers have done it for us, with instructions to leave them on (to avoid contamination). We now make sure all parties are wearing a mask (which makes us look like a group robbing the place). Some of us bring disposable gloves in case we do need to turn on lights or open cupboards, and sometimes sellers provide them. Usually there is hand sanitizer available to use as we leave the home.

We sometimes do virtual showings where we are at the home doing a video walk through for the buyers who are off site. I’ve heard of buyers actually making offers subject to them physically seeing the home. Some realtors have virtual open houses (physical ones are not permitted at this time) and are at the home at a given time to answer question and show the home again on video.

Some clients like to have initial meetings virtually on Zoom or Team Meeting. We just calendar a meeting and it allows face to face without actual face to face lol.

Closings are a little crazy right now. The closer pre-signs many documents online with the buyers or sellers and then schedules a time for them to come to the parking lot of the title company where he or she comes out to the car and brings the balance of the paperwork to sign.

Although this effort seems like a lot we are still seeing multiple offers and short days on market for many homes (especially those $350,000 or less). Lots has changed, but real estate (in my opinion) is still the best investment anyone can make and actually enjoy.


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